1. Karen and Neil
    23 Mar, 2019
    Karen and Neil
    Stanley the dog and the grandchildren stole the show at Dunglass when the delightful Karen and Neil made their heartfelt vows.  Karen is so talented, having made her dress and lots of other touches, like ribbons with bells to wave instead of confetti.  The family's readings were surprises, well chosen and lovely.  Everybody there was clearly so happy for this lovely couple, adding their wishes on rings in a band warming, and both mothers being surprised and delighted to receive gifts.  The date
  2. Emily and Matt
    12 Sep, 2018
    Emily and Matt
    A harpist and a reading from Les Mis - special ingredients for this sunny wedding at Dunglass.  The sun came out for Emily and Matt.  Emily's twin sister gave the other great reading and both Mums did the handfasting for the vows, which were said 'on' their rings.  It was a really nice ceremony for two people who have worked hard to be together. Photography:  Derek Christie Venue:  Dunglass Collegiate Church
  3. Belinda and Graham
    07 Sep, 2018
    Belinda and Graham
    I had the great pleasure of conducting the first wedding ceremony at the newly-renovated Battery in Dunbar for this fantastic couple.  Belinda wrote, and memorised, a verse on what she loves about Graham and he replied with detailed (sometimes hilarious) words from the heart.  Friends told our couple's story and gave great readings.  The rain and wind stayed away to give this splendid backdrop to beautiful words of commitment.  Everyone had a part to play in this intimate, sincere wedding.
  4. Bryony and Kevin
    01 Sep, 2018
    Bryony and Kevin
    We'd had lots of laughs, and a few tears, at the fabulous reading of Neil Gaiman's "All I Know About Love" and we'd arrived at the heart of the ceremony, the serious stuff when vows are made.  I always ask couples, as a wee bit of ceremony and to change the tone, if they are ready to make their vows.  I start with their names.  So....."Bryon and Keviny, are you....." - brought the house down.  Kevin sweetly said it wasn't the first or last time!  What a fabulous time we had.  This couple, who
  5. Susan and Chris
    11 Aug, 2018
    Susan and Chris
    For Susan, the path to the aisle was lined with lavender, butterflies and bees, then over the burn with ducks below and onto the glorious lawn at Colstoun.  What a venue and what a lovely couple!  The guests were brilliant, too, even when I tried to use my (terrible) 'Norn Irn' accent!  A reading and good music and perfectly matching surprise 'things we love' made this wedding everything a humanist ceremony should be.  I'm so lucky to be part of this special occasion and I wish Susan and Chris
  6. Lauren and Michael
    28 Jul, 2018
    Lauren and Michael
    This was my first wedding at Winton Castle.  The weather wasn't great for an outdoor ceremony so we were in the drawing room.  For me, that was a bonus - what an incredible room, surrounding by exquisite works of art.  But it was, of course, the couple that made the ceremony.  Such delightful people and so well matched.  Their eyes spoke to each other throughout, supporting such deep emotions.  Classical guitar played by a cousin and a fun handfasting added to the uniqueness of the occasion.  I
  7. Emma and Tom
    27 Jul, 2018
    Emma and Tom
    Emma and Tom had had a busy time before their ceremony, which meant we had the presence of their exquisite baby daughter on the sunny beach with us.  What a perfect day it was!  Bride and groom were just so happy.  They'd seen a wedding on this beach the first time Emma had come here and they'd made their dream ceremony come true.  The wedding arch was incredible, even although the flowers brought uninvited buzzing guests!  Live music - pipes and guitar - by friends completed a wonderful
  8. Kristin and Andy
    21 Jul, 2018
    Kristin and Andy
    This was a special ceremony in so many ways.  First, it was wonderful to be back at the sublime Playfair Library (but not working in university admin!).  Next, who doesn't love a wedding full of Beatles music, in lots of unusual and imaginative places?  Next, the groom wrote his own love poetry for the bride - not a dry eye in the house, I think!  The reading of the couple's story by their friend, Suilin, was terrific.  And, finally, I managed to read all the German parts in a way that the
  9. Leah and Andy
    04 Jul, 2018
    Leah and Andy
    I love a first and this was brilliant from start to finish.  Copper beech trees are special for me for personal reasons and look where I got to conduct this ceremony for two great people!  Binning Wood had never been used for a wedding before, so we were very excited to be given permission to be there.  The sun was so hot that I had to coax the guests out of the shade!  Groom and groomsmen looked very fine and our bride was just gorgeous.  Andy's son, now Leah's stepson, was a perfect best man.