1. James-Allan's naming ceremony
    19 Mar, 2017
    James-Allan's naming ceremony
    James-Allan Strachan's entry into the world was dramatic.  For his father, the night brought the additional excitement of getting chance help from his childhood hero.  So, by the time we celebrated his first birthday with a naming ceremony, this little boy already had a big story.  The lovely setting of Carberry Tower made a beautiful backdrop to the festivities.  Relatives read emotional readings and three candles were used to light the central one, by James-Allan's mum and dad and his
  2. Lorna and Scott
    11 Mar, 2017
    Lorna and Scott
    Lorna and Scott's wedding at the intimate and fabulous Dunglass Estate was truly a family affair.  Lorna's children escorted her down the aisle and the tissues came out from underneath the rugs, cleverly supplied by the venue.  Molly, nearly 8, read a long and wonderful verse as perfectly as many an adult.  The boys enjoyed the space to run around!  The icing on the cake (pardon the pun) was the bride's father surprising everyone except the bride and groom when he invited her beautiful mother
  3. Maria and Pauline
    10 Feb, 2017
    Maria and Pauline
    Maria and Pauline had deliberated about venues and eventually realised that, with seven dogs they adore, 'there's no place like home'.  Their 25 guests were happy to withstand the cold weather to watch them take their vows, with Mora and Harry (Spanish rescue dogs) accompanying them and wee Apu, a 3-legged pooch, bearing the rings attached to his waistcoat.  It was an absolute blast, ending in not only Pauline and Maria, but one of the dogs, too, jumping the broom to sweep away the old and jump
  4. Rachael and Cal
    04 Feb, 2017
    Rachael and Cal
    Rachael, Cal and my daughter were students together.  When she saw my daughter's post about me becoming a wedding celebrant, she got in touch.  They were the first couple who booked me, last April, and I've looked forward to Auchen Castle on 4th February 2017 since then.  What a fantastic treat it was for me to marry these two talented young opera singers.  The entry music, an arrangement of "Up" by Cal's dad (they're BIG Disney fans) was unique and beautiful.  During the schedule signing,
  5. Sarah and Adam
    22 Oct, 2016
    Sarah and Adam
    Sarah walked up the petal strewn, candlelit aisle in the old chapel at Napier University to wed Adam.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house throughout much of the ceremony.  This pair clearly adore each other and waited a while for their perfect day.  There was laughter and cheers as well as tears, of course.  The band warming and lighting of a unity candle, engraved with their names, by both families and then the couple, made for a very personal occasion.
  6. Laurinda and Nick
    15 Oct, 2016
    Laurinda and Nick
    Laurinda arrived in a vintage grey Bentley.  A suitable entrance for a small, intimate ceremony in a boutique hotel.  Beautiful harp playing by Esther Swift, a poem specially written as a surprise reading and a handfasting using material from the bride's dress and the groom's kilt made for a lovely ceremony.
  7. Aileen and Andrew
    07 Sep, 2016
    Aileen and Andrew
    Aileen and Andrew had perfect weather when they tied the knot at Harvest Moon, Ravensheugh Sands.  Andrew's sister, Megan, had written a beautiful song, "Compass" for the bridal party entry.  Aileen didn't stop smiling throughout.  A green/cream/boho/steampunk theme was perfect for the natural surroundings and the readings were lovely.
  8. Alex and Ruairidh
    03 Sep, 2016
    Alex and Ruairidh
    Alex and Ruairidh were married in the room in the top floor (Garrison room) of the newly-refurbished Borthwick Castle, my second wedding climb of the day and just as welcome, though I wish I hadn't changed from walking boots to my fancy indoor shoes.  They had a hilarious story which their guests all enjoyed.  Captain Corelli's Mandolin was the reading (always beautiful) and the handfasting was completed with family tartans.  A stunning couple in a stunning location.
  9. Shiori and Jens
    03 Sep, 2016
    Shiori and Jens
    The walk up to St Anthony's Chapel at Holyrood Park was the first climb of the day.  A small group of family was joined by walkers, surprise guests and a Cocker Spaniel, who made the vows more exciting by running between the couple's feet.  Handfasting ties were gaily-coloured kimono silk.  A really relaxed, multi-cultural occasion, with bride and groom drinking from a quaich and giving words of thanks to their parents in their own languages, as is Japanese tradition.  I loved working with