By conducting a funeral that puts the loved one and their family’s wishes at the centre of the ceremony, Penny can help create an occasion that will mourn a loss but, more importantly, celebrate a life.
Bereavement, and the accompanying grief, is often hard to bear.  Great comfort can be derived from a ceremony that honours and celebrates a life, focusing on the value of the life we are remembering. It may take account of foibles, albeit tactfully, and perhaps even humorously. Tears may play their part but smiles, and laughter too, are fundamental to the cycle of life and thus to our celebration of life.
There is no such thing as a standard humanist funeral ceremony, whether burial, cremation or memorial. Penny takes pride in composing each one in a way that is appropriate to the person and for the family concerned. Her aim is always to provide a ceremony that is movingly sympathetic and uplifting for those present.
To help you say farewell in a very personal way, I will spend time with your family to create an individual tribute. Your ceremony will be dignified and respectful and will be largely devoted to the life and personality of your loved one.
You will have the opportunity to give personal contributions and all special requests (e.g.the placing of flowers) can be incorporated within the time constraints of the venue. Your ceremony will be non-religious but with space for those of faith to pay respects in their own way.
Any style of music can be chosen. If you have non-religious poetry which is a favourite of the deceased, Penny will include it in the ceremony. If not, she will suggest poetry or readings.
She will send you the full funeral ceremony to check over and will be available for any questions you have from the time she first makes contact until the ceremony.
It will be a genuine privilege for me to conduct your loved one's funeral ceremony on your behalf.