Your wedding ceremony will be a unique and respectful occasion created by you, with Penny's assistance.

February 2019:  Penny has had to pause her wedding bookings for the moment as she is possibly moving out of East Lothian.  However, if you already know her and particularly want her to conduct a wedding, please still get in touch and she'll do her best to conduct it.

Your wedding may be planned as a small, informal event in a field or a large gathering in a stately home. It may be DIY or a catered five-course dinner and ball. Whatever atmosphere you want to create, the ceremony you choose is the central part of your day and will set the scene. 

I will meet with you in person or on FaceTime/Skype to discuss what you want. You can then decide if I'm the right celebrant for you. 

Penny will send you her wedding guide to start your planning. In your ceremony you may want a variety of readings or none at all, several symbolic gestures or none. You may have a number of bridesmaids/groomsmen or just two witnesses. You may want lots of laughter and light-hearted vows or only serious ones. You may have live music or recorded. Whatever your choices, you’ll be involved in all the detail of the ceremony. Penny will encourage you to write sections yourselves, with the help of the ideas she can supply.

Your wedding ceremony will be tailor-made for you. Penny will work with you, revising the ceremony until it is perfect.
On the day itself, I’ll be there in plenty of time to check that all is in place and ensure the ceremony runs smoothly.

I would hope that you’ll have as much fun as I do in planning and writing your very personal ceremony!